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1309, 2022

Our Folding Suitcase Ramps And Evacuation Chairs Are Now Shipped Worldwide!

September 13, 2022|Categories: Blog|

As mobility and access ramp manufacturers in the UK, we are represented globally by an ever-increasing number of importers and resellers.  Our range of Made-in-Britain folding ramps and evacuation chairs are ideal for the [...]

508, 2022

Three Challenges the Giant Half-Steps Solve

August 5, 2022|Categories: Blog, Doorline – Threshold Ramps|

“Making steps safe and manageable for ambulant, rollator and walking frame users!” Traditional half-steps offer ambulant users shallower step access, but with the tiny steps not offering enough space to [...]

208, 2022

Benefits of the NEW Aerolight AXR portable rail ramp

August 2, 2022|Categories: Blog, Rail Ramps|

From the home of the Wheel-a-ramp, the new Aerolight AXR Portable Rail Ramp is your safe and easy railway access solution! Read on to discover the full benefits… Opens the right way round Traditionally, rail ramps [...]

2707, 2022

Another School Becomes Accessible For All

July 27, 2022|Categories: Blog, Permaramp – Relocatable External Ramps, Welcome|

Is your school designed for wheelchair access?👩🦽 This Victorian school building certainly wasn’t – school governors, staff, students, and visitors were facing the daily obstacles of internal and external doorways and steps. Here’s where we [...]

1606, 2022

Discover Everyone’s Threshold Bridge Solution

June 16, 2022|Categories: Blog, Doorline – Threshold Ramps|

Enable Access designed an innovative, award-winning bridge ramp for the one, unifying reason; accessibility should be easy for everyone. The Butterfly Ramp automatically adjusts when placed, suiting uPVC and wooden threshold types. [...]

601, 2021

Care Home Visitor Pods Ramps – The safe way to visit your loved ones

January 6, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Care Home Visitor Pods Ramps – Enabling Safe Access for All On Christmas Eve, two members of our engineering team installed the two ramps on behalf of a new trade partner at a Care Home [...]

2605, 2020

Wheelchair Ramp Assessing – How to easily overcome the dreaded PVC threshold!

May 26, 2020|Categories: Blog|

When considering home wheelchair ramps and specifying mobility access and wheelchair ramps, does the thought of trying to bridge a fragile UPVC threshold without breaking it fill you with fear and [...]

904, 2020

Fibreglass Ramps Alternatives – Enable Access is here to help

April 9, 2020|Categories: Blog|

  It is sad news to hear that the UK fibreglass ramp manufacturer Jetmarine Ltd has gone into administration. Their products and their Access Made Easy brand have been long respected in the marketplace, and [...]

2509, 2017

Updating your website or catalogue? Ramp up your sales with new images…

September 25, 2017|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , |

If you're working on your website, or putting together a new catalogue, you're going to want the most recent images available for all of your products.  Did you know that we [...]

1312, 2016

Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (OTAC) Newcastle

December 13, 2016|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , |

The Enable Access team enjoyed exhibiting for the first time at the Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (OTAC) in Newcastle, a fantastic exhibition, seminar and networking forum for Occupational Therapists. We were proud to hold a [...]

1611, 2015

Exclusive Gift Packs at the Occupational Therapy Show 2015

November 16, 2015|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

Enable Access is making ramp assessments faster and easier for occupational therapists across the country by giving away exclusive gift packs at The Occupational Therapy Show 2015. Like an occupational therapist’s answer to [...]

110, 2015

Enable Access to Reveal Trio of Exciting New Products at Trade Days 2015

October 1, 2015|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

A patio door platform for the fully modular Welcome ramp system, super-wide Permaramp, and a re-engineered Aerolight® ultra-lightweight ramp will headline Enable Access’ new range of access and mobility products at Trade Days 2015. Dealers [...]


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