Frequently Asked Questions

The length of ramp required can be calculated by the following; ramp length required = total step height/level difference multiplied by the chosen gradient.

Lenght of ramp

Different applications require different gradients depending on the local authority guidelines, the space available, and the end user circumstances.  For a quick and easy guide to which gradient you should choose please refer to the below diagram.

Ramp GRadient Diagram

The ExitMaster Versa, Elite and eGO! evacuation chairs are CE marked and have been manufactured, tested and registered in conformity with the provision in Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
The evacuation chairs must be kept clean and accessible at all times. Any damage or misfunction should be reported and remedied immediately. Mandatory annual safety checks and ongoing maintenance programmes are available from Enable Access. Use of aggressive cleaning products, solvents, oils, etc., may damage the finish and function. Replacement parts are readily available and fitting can be arranged by an authorised technician through your supplier. Only genuine ExitMaster replacement parts should be used.
PUWER (Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) states, “Maintenance procedures should be carried out in accordance with any manufacturer’s recommendations which relate to the equipment, for example periodic lubrication, replacement and adjustment of parts.” As manufacturers of the ExitMaster evacuation chairs, our recommendations are that mandatory annual safety checks and ongoing maintenance programmes are carried out by authorised technicians and using only genuine ExitMaster replacement parts.
ExitMaster chairs have a 10 year design life and are backed by a comprehensive 12 month warranty. RampCentre products carry a comprehensive 24 month warranty for normal use, with the exception of Metro budget products which carry a 12 month warranty. Use other than published/intended or any modification/repair other than by the manufacturer will void the warranty.
The fabric of all the ExitMaster chairs is tested to British Standard BS 5438. In practice, however, for safety reasons it is highly unlikely that an evacuation chair will ever be retrieved from an area of a building where fire has already taken hold.
In brief, VAT relief (or exemption) is awarded to people who are disabled or chronically sick, and allows them to purchase certain items without having to pay the VAT.  It can be applied to virtually all of the RampCentre products where the purchaser is eligible and purchasing for their own use.  VAT relief is applied by zero-rating the goods for VAT on the invoice, and does not apply for sale of goods to businesses or for resale.  Eligibility for purchasing these goods VAT-free is not means-tested and the user does not have to be registered disabled, please see HMRC article on VAT relief for more information.