How do I get my Mobility Scooter into my Car?

After purchasing a small or medium-sized mobility scooter most people need to ensure they can get it in and out of their car, whether it’s to attend medical appointments, visit friends and family, or go out for a meal. It’s worth putting some time into researching ramps for scooters and Enable Access have done just that. Due to the weight of a lot of scooters, unfortunately, they often can’t easily be carried into a vehicle and therefore a ramp, boot hoist or scooter lift may well be required.

Scooter Ramps

Mobility scooter on Aerolight Lifestyle

How to Choose Ramps for Mobility Scooters

Before you start searching for a scooter ramp, we recommend you double check a few important points:

How big is the car boot or trunk?  A useful website for vehicle boot dimensions is the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

What is your car boot cill* height? This is important to check, to ensure you get the right length ramp for your needs.

*the vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will rest


Additional Considerations

What gradient can your scooter climb? We recommend checking the user manual or the manufacturers website for this. For loading an empty electric scooter or wheelchair, we recommend anything up to a 1:3 gradient.

What is the maximum weight you will be loading, for example the weight of the mobility scooter and any additional accessories?

What is the ground clearance underneath the scooter? Again we recommend checking the user manual or the manufacturers website for this.

Final Considerations

Do you plan to load an empty scooter or will you sitting on the scooter at the time? If you plan to be in the scooter you will require a longer ramp to ensure a safe gradient, for example a 1:6 gradient.

Would you like the ramp to attach to the vehicle using ramp safety locating pegs?

What ramps are designed for Mobility Scooters?

Our Aerolight-Lifestyle and Aerolight-Broadfold, lightweight mobility scooter ramps are designed for electric powerchairs and mobility scooters.  One key benefit is that even when the scooters wheels are wet, the non-slip surface will still provide traction, making your life at lot easier.  Another benefit is that these ramps are designed for mobility scooters with low ground clearance, whereas the traditional channel ramps like our Ultralight ramps, are not designed for scooters with low ground clearance.

How long are the ramps?

We offer the Aerolight Lifestyle and Broadfold, in a variety of different lengths from 1.8m (6ft) up to 2.4m (8ft) in the Aerolight-Broadfold range and from 1.8m (6ft) up to 2.7m (9ft) in the Aerolight-Lifestyle range. Both ranges are great for loading three, four and six wheeled scooters and powerchairs.  Simply unfold the ramps, rest them on the back of your vehicle and start loading.

Other Mobility Scooter Ramp Options

Another option for scooters or powerchairs with high ground clearance is our Ultralight ramps, whilst they are not designed for scooters with low ground clearance, they are a great lightweight option, very compact for storage especially in the back of a car or SUV and can be great for narrow doorways.

Enable Access RampCentre Ultralight-Telescopic channel ramps, Vehicle loading ramps. PT20-3



Loading Occupied Scooters and Electric Powerchairs

If you wish to be in the wheelchair or mobility scooter whilst loading into the vehicle, we recommend a 1:6 gradient.  For example, if the height from the ground to where the ramp is 30cm (1ft) we would recommend an 1.8m (6ft) ramp. To calculate the ramp length you require, use our simple wheelchair ramp length calculator.

Free access advice

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Vat Relief

Did you know that you can apply for Vat Relief?

Within the UK, those with disabilities and registered charities are able to purchase products including wheelchair ramps without paying VAT. VAT relief is available on a range of products and services.

What can I claim VAT relief on? 

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Mobility aids, for example stairlifts, specialist beds and grabrails
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Computer equipment designed to aid those with disabilities

How do I claim VAT relief? 

When purchasing goods, you should let the supplier know that you are eligible for VAT relief.  You then should not be charged VAT.  For example, when purchasing wheelchair ramps from we have a VAT relief box at the checkout stage to allow eligible individuals and charities to easily claim VAT relief.  VAT relief can also be claimed when placing the order over the phone or via email.

Vat Relief