“Making steps safe and manageable for ambulant, rollator and walking frame users!”

Traditional half-steps offer ambulant users shallower step access, but with the tiny steps not offering enough space to rest on fully, let alone use a walking frame or rollator, we knew this had to change. So we broke tradition, with Giant Half-Steps providing more workable solutions for people with various walking challenges, and here’s how…

Welcome Giant Half Step Midi With Hand Rail 1

Challenge 1: Safe and Manageable Step Heights

A single Giant Half-Step instantly creates a safe and manageable step for thresholds up to 30cm (12ins). Then you have the option to add handrails and other accessories to suit the specific user and application.


Challenge 2: Eliminate the Trip Risk of Raised Threshold Obstacles 

Unlike any other, the Giant Half-Step can be installed level with the top of the threshold, and an optional doorplate accessory will create a flush transition. This ensures that there are no unsafe gaps, or the risk of ‘step-over’ obstacles that may impact the safety of the access route. This design is particularly crucial for those with limited leg/knee mobility or shuffling gait.

Welcome Giant Half Step Extra Large With Hand Rail

Challenge 3: Instant Safe Handrails 

Attaching permanent grab rails or handrails to a property isn’t always practical, which can pose a big risk to people with walking challenges. The Welcome Giant Half-step provides safe and instant handrails wherever they’re needed.


What size do you need?

Our range consists of 3 sizes:

Giant Half Step Sizes

The MIDI is the perfect option if you are using a walking stick to support you. For walking frame users, the LARGE caters for extra space needed for the whole walking frame and person to fit sensibly and safely on the step. For bigger mobility aids, such as rollators, the EXTRA-LARGE is designed to make access with these mobility products a safer experience. Overall, our advice when choosing the Giant Half-Step size is that the bigger the half-step, the safer and easier it is to use.


Please contact us to find out more about the Giant Half-step and speak to our access experts to solve your challenge.