Choosing the correct ramp is important. Like finding the right size shoe or the correct glasses, it is essential that the best product is chosen to ensure the user’s needs are met. The 4 simple stages outlined on these pages should be enough to solve most situations, but please don’t hesitate to give our experienced team a call if you have any queries.

So, what sector and what type of ramp?

Vehicle Ramps / Ramps For Mobility Scooters For Cars

Vehicle Access

How steep?

1 6Acceptable in some cases for short threshold ramps
1 8A useful balance between gradient and space suitable for portable ramps in some assisted applications and events, etc.
1 12Often required by social services/local authorities. Minimum required by Building Regs Doc M for installed ramps.
1 15Sometimes required by social services/local authorities for public or independent access.

* Wheelchairs must descend backwards. Assess safety/risk.

How long?

a. Measure the step height / level difference (total height of steps or height to resting point on vehicle).

how long left
how long right

b. Use the Ramp Length Guide to decide which length you need.

Ramp Length Guide

Step height /
level difference (up to)
Length at 1:6Length at 1:8Length at 1:12
10cm (4”)60cm (2’)80cm (2’ 8”)120cm (4’)
15cm (6”)90cm (3’)120cm (4’)180cm (6’)
20cm (8”)120cm (4’)160cm (5’ 4”)240cm (8’)
25cm ( 10”)150cm (5’)200cm (6’ 8”)300cm (10’)
30cm (1’)180cm (6’)240cm (8’)360cm (12’)
45cm (1’ 6”)270cm (9’)360cm (12’)540cm (18’)
60cm (2’)360cm (12’)480cm (16’)720cm (24’)

Note: Ramp lengths over 300cm (9’10”) can be achieved using high-rise ramp kits, Welcome system and Swift ramp system.

Select and order

Select the product you need, and call or email us to confirm your choice and place your order.