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Making steps safe and manageable for ambulant, rollator and walking frame users!

Your benefits:

Until now the traditional half-step simply offered an ambulant user shallower step access.

The proven and now ALL-NEW Welcome-Giant Half-Step reaches a new level!

3 sizes to suit all requirements:

Half step sizes 2
Each half-step is 75cm (30ins) wide as standard.

3 Access challenges solved!

  • Safe and Manageable Step Heights
  • Eliminate the Trip Risk of Raised Threshold Obstacles
  • Instant Safe Handrails

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What’s NEW?

  • Join Half-Steps
  • Unique Optional Doorplate Accessory
  • Height Extension Legs
  • Safety Toe Plate
  • Three Substantial Sizes
  • Integral Safety Kerb with Every Handrail
  • Foot options
  • Useful Accessory Options – So Easy to Choose and Use!
  • Even More User Benefits!

Welcome® – Giant Half Step

Giant Half Step Accessories

So easy to choose, fit and use