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Evacuation Chairs

Our ExitMaster evacuation chairs for stairs are all manufactured and tested to the highest standards, as well as being comprehensively warranted and CE compliant, making them your perfect quick and easy choice for every evacuation scenario.

Our range of Evacuation Chairs and related evacuation products also includes fire evacuation equipment for disabled.

Legislation dictates that you must provide a safe means of evacuation for any persons who may be (or become) unable to use the exit routes in the event of a fire or any emergency.

If this legislation deems you need an emergency evacuation chair to maintain compliance, whether you need an evacuation chair for stairs or a fire evacuation chair, our friendly team is waiting to hear from you and will be happy to help or advise you in any way to assure you have all you need to keep you compliant and up-to-date with safety.

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  • Evacuation Chairs For Stairs

  • Evacuation Chair Accessories

  • Evacuation Chair Signs

  • Evacuation Chair Training

  • Evacuation Chair Servicing

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