The 8 Reasons Why Modular Ramps Trump Concrete Ramps: The Ultimate Accessibility Solution

In the world of accessibility and inclusivity, ramps play a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone can navigate spaces with ease. When it comes to selecting the most suitable ramp for your needs, the choice often boils down to modular ramps versus concrete ramps. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of a modular ramp compared with concrete ramps and make a compelling case for why they are a far better choice for accessibility solutions.

Cost-Effective Installation

One of the standout advantages of modular ramps is their cost-effectiveness. Traditional concrete ramps require extensive construction work, including excavation, forming, and pouring concrete. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. In contrast, modular ramps can be quickly assembled on-site, reducing labour and material costs significantly.

Modular RampsModular RampsModular Ramps

Versatility in Design

Modular ramps offer a high degree of flexibility in design. They can be customised to fit any space, whether it’s a commercial building, a public facility, or a residential property.  This adaptability allows you to create ramps that seamlessly blend with the existing architecture, enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

Fast Installation of Modular Ramps

Time is often of the essence when it comes to accessibility projects. A Modular ramp can be installed much faster than concrete ramps. This means that you can improve accessibility and compliance with regulations quickly, ensuring that your space is open to everyone sooner rather than later.  A typical modular ramp system can be installed in a day, whereas a typical concrete ramp may take up to a week to be built.

Modular Ramps

Adjustable and Expandable

Modular ramps are not only easy to install but also highly adjustable. If your needs change or you require an extension, it’s a straightforward process to modify or expand the ramp. Concrete ramps, on the other hand, are typically fixed and less adaptable to evolving requirements.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Modular ramps are constructed using high-quality, weather reistant materials, making them durable and resistant to wear and tear. They require minimal maintenance compared to concrete ramps, which can develop cracks and require regular repairs. Our Welcome Modular Ramp System also has a superior anti-slip surface known as Gripdeck™ which maintains its slip resistance, even in the wet!

Check out our video about Gripdeck™ Surface:

Temporary or Permanent Solution

Whether you need a permanent or temporary accessibility solution, a modular ramp will fit the bill. They can be used as long-term fixtures or as temporary ramps for events or construction projects.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete production is very resource-intensive and has a significant environmental impact.  Modular ramps, on the other hand, are often made from recyclable materials and are eco-friendly. Choosing modular ramps demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.  Our Welcome Modular ramps are predominantly manufactured from Aluminium with some steel components.

Compliance with Regulations

Modular ramps are designed to meet the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), The Equality ActADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and other accessibility standards. By opting for modular ramps, you ensure that your property is compliant with local regulations, avoiding potential legal issues and potential accidents.


When it comes to choosing between modular ramps and concrete ramps for your accessibility needs, the advantages of modular ramps shine brightly. They offer cost-effectiveness, versatility in design, rapid installation, adaptability, durability, and eco-friendliness. Moreover, they meet accessibility regulations and can serve as both temporary and permanent solutions. In the pursuit of a more inclusive and accessible world, modular ramps clearly emerge as the superior choice. Make the smart choice for accessibility—choose modular ramps.

Vat Relief on Your Modular Ramp

Did you know that you can apply for Vat Relief for your Modular Ramp?

Within the UK, those with disabilities and registered charities are able to purchase products including wheelchair ramps without paying VAT. VAT relief is available on a range of products and services.

What can I claim VAT relief on? 

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Mobility aids, for example stairlifts, specialist beds and grabrails
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Computer equipment designed to aid those with disabilities

How do I claim VAT relief? 

When purchasing goods, you should let the supplier know that you are eligible for VAT relief.  You then should not be charged VAT.  For example, when purchasing wheelchair ramps from we have a VAT relief box at the checkout stage to allow eligible individuals and charities to easily claim VAT relief.  VAT relief can also be claimed when placing the order over the phone or via email.

Vat Relief

Free access advice

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