We’re excited to launch our new evacuation chair range, including brand new chairs and improvements to existing popular designs. Our new models that are the safest, most comfortable, most ergonomic and easy to use on the market.

Backed by 25 years of experience, Exitmaster are trusted industry experts committed to delivering best-in-class innovation in stairway evacuation chairs.

Why do you need evacuation chairs?

When lifts can’t be used in an emergency, you need evacuation chairs to get everyone safely out.

It’s a legal requirement for building owners or tenants to provide a means of escape for everyone using their buildings. Persons with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users and those temporarily disabled, will need to be able to safely evacuate the building. Evacuation chairs provide a more dignified, and safer method of evacuation, and our chairs are designed to provide the best experience for both operator and passenger.

  • Comply with Fire Safety Regulations
  • Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Provide a dignified and safer evacuation method

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What’s new in our range?

Introducing the new Versa Family, the customer’s evacuation chairs of choice. Expertly designed to be the safest and easiest form of stairway evacuation.

Versa Plus evacuation chair

All the benefits of the Versa, as well as extra handles for easier movement along corridors and safe upstairs travel.

Versa Plus evacuation chair

Ego evacuation chair 

Budget-friendly upright 4-wheel chair with unique ergonomic design.

Ego evacuation chair

Original evacuation chair

The best traditional, kickstand style evacuation chair available. Designed to be easier to use and with enhanced comfort for the passenger.

Original evacuation chair

Discover the Exitmaster Difference

Our models are the safest, most comfortable, most ergonomic and easy to use on the market and come with full warranties.

Superior design & innovation

We have made significant improvements in geometry – particularly in our NEW Versa family. We now have the most ergonomically-friendly chairs, perfect for taller passengers and now with our ‘stoop-free’ design for added comfort. The design is totally unique when combined with the ‘free-walk’ benefits which allows the operator to take full strides when walking behind the chair.

A new, bolder brand

Exitmaster has an all-new contemporary design, with a distinctive, new green colour scheme that perfectly aligns with the globally-recognised green for Exit and Safety.

Visit our new website 

Download our Exitmaster brochure here

Demo our new products 

We were thrilled to exhibit our new range at the A+A show in Germany, and demo the new chairs. One happy visitor confirmed:

“I have always found Evacuation chairs difficult to use, but yours are so simple to use and you feel so safe when you are a passenger.”

Exitmaster team at AA e1698420776313

A+A is the world’s largest and most important event when it comes to safety, security and health at work.

If you missed us at the show, please get in touch to book a meeting to see our full range in the UK.

Exitmaster Accessories 

Exitmaster accessories

Always be prepared with Exitmaster accessories. From essential safety signs to storage solutions to protect your life-saving equipment. Every chair purchase includes a fitted cover, wall mounting bracket, wall sign and instructions.

Made in the UK

New look, new products… but rest assured, we are the same dedicated team, committed to the same quality manufacturing and still designed and made by us in the UK.

Backed by 25 years of experience, we are trusted industry experts that manufacture innovative products in our Bedfordshire factory.

For buyers from the UK or Europe, this means there’s a reduced carbon footprint, increased sustainability and shorter lead times.

Contact us 

We’d love to help you with your evacuation chair needs. Please get in touch with our team of experts at +44 (0)20 8275 0375 or sales@enable-access.com