What is a Modular Ramp?

A modular ramp comprises of interchangeable prefabricated sections that are easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to suit each project’s specific accessibility needs.

Similarly to other ramps, they provide access to buildings and spaces for disabled and ambulant users. At Enable Access we provide two systems; the Welcome System and the SRS System.

Welcome Modular Ramp Commercial ramps

The Welcome Ramp System

This is a cost-effective galvanised steel modular ramp system which is typically designed for residential/domestic use. All components including handrails and platforms are galvanised, a process where a protective coating of zinc is applied to prevent rusting and to kill moss.

The components (excluding the platforms, ramp sections and ramp legs) are also powder-coated to create a durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

It’s available in an multiple configurations and an infinite number of lengths, widths and heights very much like a Meccano kit. This level of customisation continues to make the product exceptionally durable and versatile to suit different areas, buildings, and applications and different individual’s access requirements.

The system is not only fast and easy to install it is also easy to remove, recycle and add to when changes are needed which avoids any disruptive demolition work and maximizes the lifetime value of the product.

The benefits include:

  • Complies fully with Building Regulations Document M for dwellings.
  • Order in kits for simple, effective specifying and ordering.
  • Extremely durable construction and finish – designed for years of outdoor use
  • CAD Drawings available for any variation on request
  • Easily modified, adapted and reused
  • Two Ramp Widths are available to cater to all needs
  • Multiple Platform sizes are available

Welcome Ramp Install 06 1Modular Ramp


The Swift Ramp System

This system has been carefully designed from modular and adjustable components. The durable system is easy to select, specify and install and gives endless configurations with a superb end result. It’s typically designed and specified for Public Access and Corporate applications due to the amount of options, how adaptable the system is, and the heavy duty finish.

The benefits include:

  • Approved Building Regulation Document M and K compliant.
  • Very Rugged, high capacity construction.
  • Extremely Adaptable, with many options available.
  • Able to be ordered in kits for simple and effective purchasing.
  • Caters for up to three widths and 1.5m high


Commercial ramps application Commercial ramps

SRS Video


The Many Applications of Modular ramps include:

  • Residential Homes – including private homes and council housing.
  • Schools
  •  Hospitals
  •  Shops
  •  Libraries
  • Train stations
  • Airports
  • Public toilet facilities
  • Offices
  • Heritage sites.
  • Portable cabins and classrooms

The different modular sections can include:

  • Turning platforms
  • Hatch sections
  • Step unit kits
  • Step and gate kits
  • Straight platforms available – 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm wide.

What types of traffic can they support?

  • Pedestrian footfall.
  • Mobility scooters.
  • Powerchairs.
  • Manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Pushchairs.
  • Shopping and luggage trolleys.
  • Hospital beds, including bariatric beds.
  • Heavy wheeled medical equipment.
  • Bicycles

Case Study: Replacing a failing concrete ramp for employee and visitor safety

A Health and Safety Manager based in North London contacted us urgently needing a replacement for a failing concrete ramp. They knew the deteriorating ramp was a significant safety hazard for employees and visitors, and came to Enable Access for a swift and durable solution that could be installed within a few hours to maintain a safe working environment.

Challenges our client faced:

  1. The dangerous condition of the existing concrete ramp presented a major safety risk to employees and visitors
  2. The Health and Safety Manager needed a fast and reliable solution to address the safety concern.
  3. The concrete ramp was the main entrance for the facility, so it was crucial to minimise operational downtime


BEFORE Case study replacing a failing concrete ramp for employee and visitor safety


AFTER Case study Replacing a failing concrete ramp for employee and visitor safety

Solution Provided:

Urgent Assessment: Enable Access received a call from the Health & Safety Manager, and our expert assessors visited the facility to thoroughly review the situation. This assessment confirmed the hazardous condition of the concrete ramp, and that immediate action was needed.

Customised modular ramp design: Our team designed a modular ramp tailored to the specific requirements of the client. This took into account the need for a quick installation, durability, and adaptability to industrial settings. Including double handrails, which offer more support and stability, where the client opted for graphite grey to compliment the building.

Quick install: The next day, the installation team arrived with all the necessary materials and equipment. The modular design of the ramp allowed for a rapid installation, taking only a few hours to complete.

Durability and Workplace Safety: Meeting the client’s need for a workplace-safe and durable ramp, the modular ramp was constructed with heavy-duty, non-corrosive Aluminium, that ensures its longevity and minimal maintenance needs.

The ramp is fully complaint with building compliant with building regulations, including the slip-resistant surface that enhanced the workplace safety.


  1. Workplace Safety Restored: Replacing the deteriorating concrete ramp with a durable modular ramp significantly improved the facility’s safety. Employees and visitors can now access the facility without the fear of accidents.
  2. Minimal downtime: The rapid installation minimised operational downtime, avoiding disrupting the business activities unnecessarily.
  3. Long-term reliability: The modular ramp has a ten year design life, providing the Health & Safety Manager and company leadership confidence and peace-of-mind for the company’s long-term safety efforts.


This case study highlights the critical role of health & safety managers in identifying and addressing potential safety hazards. It also demonstrates the importance of fast access solutions, such as modular ramps, to ensure workplace safety and continuity of business operations.

Choosing a durable and quick-to-install modular ramp helped the clients maintain a safe working environment while minimizing downtime, ultimately contributing to the well-being of employees and visitors.

Our recommendations 

If you’re facing a similar situation, whether a current ramp is unsafe, or there’s a need of a ramp to provide access to your facility, we’re here to help.

Our modular ramps are a versatile solution for independent access for persons with disabilities, and our quick assessments and installations ensure your accessibility needs and timescales are met. To discuss this further, please contact our team.

Made in Britain

Enable Access is a leading British manufacturer and distributor of mobility access products. Our premium ramp ranges, including our Welcome modular ramp system, are manufactured in our Bedfordshire factory, using aluminium, a repeatedly recyclable metal, to ensure optimal quality and reduced shipping emissions.

With over twenty five years of experience innovating for an accessible world, our products are designed with safety, ease of use and reliability in mind. Find out more on our website.

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