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Our biggest ever range of mobility access solutions 

The Enable Access Directory marks our anniversary, join us in celebrating 25 years of innovating for an accessible world with our brand-new directory! We’re excited to introduce the NEW Access & Ramp Directory covering the full Enable Access range of mobility solutions. With loads of new products, this catalogue is your go to reference covering the benefits, features, applications and specs to help you get ramps right. 

Modular Ramp

NEW Welcome® modular ramp

With new sizes, accessories and features; the NEW Welcome® has been designed for increased versatility and faster installation. There’s an extra width of 120cm which is a compliant solution for communal and public areas, and provides excellent turning space for larger mobility devices. The Welcome system has a huge 500kg capacity, with extremely durable construction and finish for years of outdoor use. This attractive modular ramp solution has been created to suit your budget, needs and timescales.

Standalone step kit 1

NEW Welcome® step kits

We’re excited to introduce Welcome® Step kits for totally configurable and adjustable modular access. Standalone steps can straddle original steps to provide safer access into a property, and provide a landing as a safe resting place or space to turn. The step kits are Building Regulations Document M complaint, and meet the essential safety benefits of even step heights and closed risers. The consistent handrail height and self draining steps ensures stability for the user. Three choices of tread depth to suit your needs; REGULAR 30cm (12ins), EASY 60cm (24ins) and SUPER-EASY 90cm (36ins).

Handrails 1

NEW Welcome® standalone handrail kits

Standalone handrail kits provide safe and easy access all the way for paths, slopes or steps. This kit not only provides a solution for every application, it also designed to ensure a fast and easy installation. The Welcome standalone handrails are available in original graphite, garden green, heritage brown and safety yellow to suit the surroundings. The mounting options include wall-mount, base-fix, concrete in and face-fix to meet all requirements. For ultimate support opt for double handrails with bow ends accessories, or choose the double or single handrail if this better suits the application.

PXL 20230518 115351918

Permaramp®-High Rise

Install the Permaramp®-High Rise in as little as 30 minutes! Easy to specify, and quick to fit, this ramp has all the Permaramp® benefits, and more. A straightforward and compact solution that reaches greater heights for lower cost avoiding disruptive building work and lengthy installs. This is compatible with Superwide, Adjust, and Original Permaramp® options, and the entry flap accessory for bridging uPVC thresholds. 

New Doorline Variwedge application


This adjustable-height wedge ramp will overcome almost any threshold, leave in place for ultimate ease of use. The Doorline-Variwedge is now suited to indoor and outdoor use, and available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large). 

Commercial ramps Aerolight Max


A rugged, multi-purpose version of the well-proven Aerolight®-Xtra Designed and built in Britain for constant use in commercial and public access applications. The Aerolight®-Max utilises highly contrasting green and black colours for extra safety and visibility. The even tougher ramp surface is well suited to trolley and flight case wheels as well as wheelchairs and mobility devices, with extra ramp width and super strong handles, and high capacity construction to carry more substantial loads. 

Wheelchair Ramps For Doors

Metro Portable Folding Aluminium Ramp 

Now made in Britain for improved quality and reduced carbon emissions, this ramp is budget-friendly and easy-to-use, overcoming everyday obstacles. Suited to wheelchairs, scooters, rollators and pedestrians. 

MAW10 1

Metro Adjustable Wedge Ramp

Also from our budget-friendly Metro range, the height of the Metro adjustable wedge ramp is quick and easy to adjust to suit the threshold, in 1 inch (2.5cm) increments. The unobtrusive design has a high grip surface, great for indoor and outdoor use. The Metro adjustable wedge ramp is manufactured in our Bedfordshire factory, and a new patented design. 

Enable Access team photo

Made in Britain 

As a British manufacturer Enable Access strives to design and build good quality, safe and trustworthy access products for persons with disabilities. Manufacturing of our new products is carried out at our Bedfordshire factory. Every product is designed to meet specific mobility requirements, we particularly excel in knowing the struggles of the British doorstep, and how to overcome them (including uPVC thresholds)! Enable Access is ISO certified, assessed and registered by NQA, and are dedicated to our commitment to quality and safety. 


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