From the home of the Wheel-a-ramp, the new Aerolight AXR Portable Rail Ramp is your safe and easy railway access solution! Read on to discover the full benefits…

Opens the right way round

Traditionally, rail ramps have been designed to open while the ramp is upright, resulting in an awkward deployment, and difficulty for platform staff to place the ramp down. The AXR ramp can be naturally carried into place, with the first half of the ramp on the train step and open the other half easily out in a book-like motion.

Closes ‘grip side-in’

It’s important that rail ramps have sufficient grip surfaces to provide a safe access route for mobility devices. However, this grip surface can become clogged with bird droppings when stored, affecting the safety of the ramp. Therefore, it’s an important part of our rail ramp’s design to close ‘grip side-in’, ensuring that the strong grip remains unaffected.

Carrying a ramp with the grip on the outer surface can cause discomfort against bare skin or unwanted clothing snags. As looking after the well-being and safety of staff is key to the rail industry, the AXR provides a better user experience for platform staff.

Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

It’s a fine balance between having a ramp strong enough to take heavy mobility devices, and yet light enough to be easily carried from one end of the platform to the other. With a low ramp weight, this Aerolight AXR rail ramp has a high capacity of up to 350kg!

Portable rail ramp placed on train step, focus on handle design

Ergonomic twin handles

The ergonomic twin handles on the new Rail Ramp are designed to enhance the easy deployment of the ‘grip side-in’ concept ramp. The special design provides the necessary strength for the ramp, and comfort for platform staff carrying and deploying the ramp.

User-friendly, secure storage options

Railways need to be prepared to assist people with disabilities onto the train, which requires ramps to be always available. The RampstorTM Vertical Storage Unit is designed with the threat of vandalism in mind, and a priority on user-friendly needs – like ease and speed of use. This unit fully encloses the ramp to provide convenient and secure protection of the Railway’s access equipment.

Rail ramp vertical storage unit on station platform from different angles

Aerolight AXR, Aerolight Wall Storage Kit and Rampstor Vertical Storage Unit Demonstrations

Having worked with a large variety of British TOC’s over the last 25 years and even more European organisations including FlyToGet and CAF, we can design the product to suit your existing  and new rolling stock.  Contact us now to equip your platforms with safe, secure and compliant accessibility solutions!