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The all-in-one manual boarding ramp for trains, trams and buses.

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The all-in-one ramp for railways and use with trains, trams and buses.

The Wheel-a-Ramp was specifically designed for the rail, tram and bus industries and has been continually developed over the years.  The unique, registered design product offers unrivalled versatility and can be used with virtually any railway train/platform combination.

Your benefits:

  • Quick and simple to deploy and position, creating a seamless transition in or out of the train, tram or bus for wheelchair and scooter users
  • Use with train from platform heights of anywhere from 20cm to 52cm high!
  • Unique 4-point rubber buffers allows huge stability and grip when in use
  • Contrast strips, high visibility ergonomic handles and reflective kerbs ensure ultimate safety whilst using
  • Lightweight finger-safe construction with no sharp edges or corners
  • Straps for easy and safe deployment and retrieval
  • Also great for use with catering trucks and trollies
  • Fully compliant with the required EU standards, this manual boarding ramp is a lot easier and safer for staff to transport, deploy and use.
  • Secure storage units are also available to keep the manual boarding ramp clean, secure and fit for use at a moments notice.
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Deployed Length190cm (6ft 2″)
Deployed Width76cm (30″)
Min. Deployed Height20cm (7.9″)
Max. Deployed Height52cm (20.5″)
Stored Height109cm (43″)
Stored Width90cm (35.4″)
Stored Depth47cm (18.5″)
Capacity350kg (55st)
Weight30kg (66lbs)


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