Enable Access designed an innovative, award-winning bridge ramp for the one, unifying reason; accessibility should be easy for everyone.

The Butterfly Ramp automatically adjusts when placed, suiting uPVC and wooden threshold types.

  • So fast and easy to use, and perfect for any mobility device
  • Low profile design for a shallow and safe gradient
  • Two convenient sizes to cover thresholds of up to 6 inches or more
  • All weather full width non-slip surface folds inside when carrying for extra safety, with integral comfort carrying handles
  • Registered designs and patents

Threshold Ramp

Adjustable, re-usable, removable

As we make strides to have less of an impact on the planet, this ramp has the excellent advantage of being able to be adjusted to suit different thresholds or mobility devices, reused for different purposes, and removed if needs be. Reducing waste of single-purpose threshold wheelchair ramps, and ensuring that we can have a sustainable access solution.

We manufacture the Butterfly Ramp in our Bedfordshire factory, cutting the embedded transport emissions from shipping ramps from overseas. This is also an important factor in the sustainability of these ramps.

Bridge Threshold Ramp

Is it the ramp for you?

The Butterfly Ramp is part of our Threshold Ramp Doorline range, and suitable for overcoming wooden/level access door thresholds, and uPVC door thresholds. As it adjusts automatically, there’s great versatility for the height of the threshold it’s used for, and the two different sizes can be chosen to suit your requirements.

If you’re facing a different access challenge, such as steps or stairs, take a look at our ramp specifier guide, a simple four-step process to help you determine the right ramp for your requirements.

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