When considering home wheelchair ramps and specifying mobility access and wheelchair ramps for doors, does the thought of trying to bridge a fragile UPVC threshold without breaking it fill you with fear and trepidation? If so, we are here to help!

Threshold Ramps for Patio Doors

Your first step towards successfully specifying the right ramp, whether it be wheelchair ramps for patio doors or standard doors, is to measure the height of the threshold on each side.

Add the two heights together and divide them by two to give you the average. If your answer is 10cm or less, a Doorline-Bridge ramp could be your perfect solution!

Watch our Neil Smith on our handy video below for more guidance:

If you have a higher threshold or a series of steps up to a front door the Ultralight-Folding or Ultralight-Combi ramps can be an excellent solution for use with a standard wheelchair to bridge over the threshold. The hinge of the ramp sits inside the UPVC threshold so as not to damage it, and the two halves fold over the threshold to make a perfect bridge.

In a scenario where the user will be walking up the ramp, or has a three or five wheel mobility device, or a scooter with low ground clearance, an Aerolight-Up & Over ramp kit will be the best portable ramp solution for doors.

The Aerolight full width ramp used in the up and over kit has special tapered lips so that it fits into narrow doorways. This is often an issue with PVC doors.

For a leave-in-place solution, the Permaramp-Adjust is your answer! This ramp’s self-supporting legs take the weight completely off the threshold. To complete the transition into the home, take a look at the Permaramp-Entry Flap accessory to bridge right over the threshold and into the house.

The entry flap lays flat against the surface of the ramp when not in use, and can easily be deployed by the user or an assistant when required using the easy-lift strap.

If a longer ramp or handrails are required, the Welcome – Modular Ramp System is your answer. To take the weight off the UPVC threshold simply specify the self-supporting doorplate accessory.

To find out more about how to make your wheelchair ramp for doors assessments easier, take a look at our other blogs about wheelchair ramp assessing.

This should cover 90% of the UPVC threshold applications that you’re likely to come across! This includes threshold ramps for patio doors. If you get a tricky application that you would like some assistance with, contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

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