We’re incredibly excited to bring the New Metro Portable Folding Ramp to you! From the same factory as our premium Aerolight range, this budget-friendly, safe and easy-to-use ramp helps people with reduced mobility overcome everyday obstacles. We’ve moved from importing this aluminium ramp from overseas, to manufacturing a new, improved, and patented design in our Bedfordshire factory. Let’s delve into why this new product is so significant.

Made in Britain for improved quality & reduced carbon emissions

Making the ramps in Britain saves over 27 tonnes of CO2 shipping emissions every year!*  With increasing concern for sustainable access solutions, you’re saving tonnes of shipping emissions by purchasing this ramp that is manufactured in Britain, rather than overseas. As a British manufacturer, it’s important to us to be able to take new products from the initial design to completion within our company and to therefore provide better access, for better living.

Range of sizes

In the UK, budget-friendly folding ramps are often only offered at 3ft and 6ft. However, we recognise that these sizes are not adequate for the huge variation of access challenges across the UK. We offer the new Metro ramp in 5 sizes, ranging from 2ft – 6ft, and there are more sizes on the way! The existing longer sizes are also available now, and we’re looking to UK manufacture the new Metro ramp in 7ft and 8ft in 2023.

Metro MFR Wheelchair ramp


Transporting from overseas is an absolute headache these days! China is no longer able to reliably provide shipments across to the UK, resulting in awaiting the products for an unreasonable amount of time. We gain a massive amount of flexibility by manufacturing this ramp at our factory, being able to control the output, and no longer being victim to the instability of tremendous shipping delays. This in turn means that you’re able to have excellent availability of the Metro ramp, and avoid unwanted exchange currency variations, as we move away from overseas supply.

Strong but lightweight

This wheelchair ramp is designed to have enough capacity for loaded heavy mobility scooters, with a capacity of up to 300kg (47St). However, with capacity does not come weight, as these ramps need to be easily portable to provide access out and about! We’ve ensured the new metro ramp is both strong, and light, to suit both these requirements.

Check out the NEW British Metro ramp here!

Any queries?

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your ramp access requirements, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via the website, email sales@enable-access.com or give us a call at 020 8275 0275.


*Source:  Statista/Enable Access Ltd.