Welcome ramp system - attractive residential installed ramp solution to suit your budget, needs and timescales, now available in 6 colour combinations!
Colour options - original graphite, garden green, heritage brown, and safety yellow
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The easily specified and fitted Welcome installed modular residential ramp system represents outstanding quality and value – it’s 100% modular, available for next day delivery and now available in a carefully selected range of colours – from stock, and at no extra cost!

Your benefits:

  • Fast one-person install – heaviest component is 16kg
  • Small-van friendly
  • Now available in 3 carefully chosen and universally appealing colours, all available with the option of Safety Yellow coloured handrails – contact us to find out more!
  • Extremely durable construction and finish – designed for years of outdoor use
  • Unique Gripdeck™ surface for incredible grip even when wet
  • Complies fully with Building Regulations Document M for residential dwellings
  • Excellent modular ramp solution for local authority Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) work
  • Easily modified, adapted and reused
  • Kitted for simple, easy specifying and ordering
  • CAD drawings available for any variation on request

These modular ramp kits include all the components required for the configuration shown and are designed to resolve the most common applications.

KIT A – ramp only

Often used to provide access to an existing platform or step.

Welcome ramp only kit options available with any handrail combination

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Key Product Information

Single Handrail One
Single Handrail Both
Double Handrail One
Double Handrail Both
120cm (4′) WRA12-A WRA12-B WRA12-C WRA12-D WRA12-E
180cm (6′) WRA18-A WRA18-B WRA18-C WRA18-D WRA18-E
240cm (8′) WRA24-A WRA24-B WRA24-C WRA24-D WRA24-E
300cm (10′) WRA30-A WRA30-B WRA30-C WRA30-D WRA30-E
360cm (12′) WRA36-A WRA36-B WRA36-C WRA36-D WRA36-E
420cm (14′) WRA42-A WRA42-B WRA42-C WRA42-D WRA42-E
480cm (16′) WRA48-A WRA48-B WRA48-C WRA48-D WRA48-E

KIT B – ramp and platform

A very practical installation layout, complying with the requirements for a resting platform at the top of a ramp. The 122cm square platform can be used in both straight-through and turning configurations.

Welcome ramp and platform kit options available with any handrail combination

Key Product Information

Length Inc.
One Side
Both Sides
One Side
Both Sides
120cm (4′) 240cm (8′) WRB12-A WRB12-B WRB12-C WRB12-D WRB12-E
180cm (6′) 300cm (10′) WRB18-A WRB18-B WRB18-C WRB18-D WRB18-E
240cm (8′) 360cm (12′) WRB24-A WRB24-B WRB24-C WRB24-D WRB24-E
300cm (10′) 420cm (14′) WRB30-A WRB30-B WRB30-C WRB30-D WRB30-E
360cm (12′) 480cm (16′) WRB36-A WRB36-B WRB36-C WRB36-D WRB36-E
420cm (14′) 540cm (18′) WRB42-A WRB42-B WRB42-C WRB42-D WRB42-E
480cm (16′) 600cm (20′) WRB48-A WRB48-B WRB48-C WRB48-D WRB48-E

Accessories available:

Self-supporting doorplate for 122cm platform sides

No more cracked PVC door thresholds!  (Not required for Welcome Kit A ramp only applications)

Code: WRSD8 – 75 x 15cm (self-supporting kit only, doorplate not included)

Code: WRSD10 – 100 x 15cm

Wide/long doorplates for platform sides

Now available up to 100cm width and 22cm length.

Code: Size
WDP8S 75 x 15cm
WDP8L 75 x 22cm
WDP10S 100 x 15cm
WDP10L 100 x 22cm

Leg extensions

Increase maximum system heights by 17cm (7ins) to 55cm with a platform or 50cm for a ramp only.

Code: WLX (code for kit with two leg extensions)

Infill kerbs

Extra edge protection.

Code: WRIK (pair)

Ramp to platform joiners

Join ramps up to and down to platforms.

Code: WPUR (Ramp up from platform)

Code: WPDR (Ramp down from platform)

Platform to platform joiner

Simply join platforms together.

Code: WPP


Easy access for all users. (Order 2 kits for 2 steps).

Code: WRSK (1 step kit)

Step handrails

Code: WRSHK1 (Handrail kit for 1 step).

Code: WRSHK2 (Handrail kit for 2 steps).

Soft ground leg bearer

Stop legs from sinking in soft ground.

Code: WRLB


Code: WRBE (code for one side)

Welcome Platform Gate


Available in Original Graphite colour only


Welcome 122 x 122cm platform.

Code: WRP12-A (No handrails)

Code: WRP12-F (Single handrails)

Code: WRP12-G (Double handrails)

Also ask about our new 180 x 122cm patio platform options!