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Permaramp-Original – Graphite Grey Quickrails

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Permaramp with Graphite Grey Quickrails

£774.00£1,530.00 EX VAT - (VAT Relief is applied at Checkout)

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These installed, semi-permanent relocatable ramps provide unmatched value and weight capacity.

Your benefits

  • Unique Gripdeck™ surface for incredible grip and sustained outside use
  • Excellent for wooden door thresholds
  • Contrasting colour safety edge strips increase visibility
  • Fixing options at top and bottom for secure location
  • Self-supporting option for PVC thresholds, see Permaramp-Adjust
  • For the super wide version, see Permaramp-Original Superwide
  • Well-suited for scooters, mobility devices and sports wheelchairs
  • Up to 400kg (63 stone) weight capacity!


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So easy to choose, fit and use

The all-new Graphite Grey permaramp®-quickrails™ are your answer for an instant, fixed ramp solution.

This totally unique range is designed to be extremely universal and easy to fit.

  • Pre-assembled handrails
    • One side, both sides (or no sides!)
    • Interchangable left or right
    • Retro-fittable
    • 4 colour options
  • 76cm (30ins) classic option
  • Factory-fitted handrail sockets
  • Super-fast and convenient assembly with no tools (optional kit)
  • 5 lengths
    • 120cm (4ft)
    • 150cm (5ft)
    • 180cm (6ft)
    • 210cm (7ft)
    • 240cm (8ft)
CodeLengthWidthCapacity kg (st)Weight kg (lbs)
PO12R1120cm (4ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)15 (33)
PO12R2120cm (4ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)15 (33)
PO15R1150cm (5ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)18 (40)
PO15R2150cm (5ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)18 (40)
PO18R1180cm (6ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)21.5 (47)
PO18R2180cm (6ft)76cm (30ins)400 (63)21.5 (47)
PO21R1210cm (7ft)76cm (30ins)350 (55)25 (55)
PO21R2210cm (7ft)76cm (30ins)350 (55)25 (55)
PO24R1240cm (8ft)76cm (30ins)300 (47)28 (62)
PO24R2240cm (8ft)76cm (30ins)300 (47)28 (62)


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