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Unobtrusive, strong and versatile rubber ramps

Neatedge and Neatedge90 rubber door threshold ramps are unobtrusive, strong and versatile. This range is specially produced to a variety of practical heights and widths and can be easily trimmed, cut or joined for any application. Excellent value for money.

Your benefits:

  • Extremely versatile rubber threshold ramps – can be used in a huge number of situations
  • Chamfered/sloping edges allow easy access from any angle (except DN6)
  • Can be cut, trimmed and joined for any application
  • Soft surface great for use in schools and care and nursing homes
  • Ideal ramp for showers or wet rooms
  • Incredible weight capacity – well suited for industrial use
  • Permanent fixing kit option. Code DNF rubber ramp adhesive


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Key Product Information

DN15-91.5cm (0.6″)12cm (4.5″)90cm (35″)500kg (79st)1.4kg (3lbs)Y
DN25-92.5cm (1″)20cm (8″)90cm (35″)500kg (79st)3.1kg (6.8lbs)Y
DN50-95cm (2″)40cm (16″)90cm (35″)500kg (79st)11kg (24.3lbs)Y
DN75-97.5cm (3″)60cm (24″)90cm (35″)500kg (79st)18kg (39.7lbs)Y
DN100-910cm (4″)80cm (31.5″)90cm (35″)500kg (79st)31kg (68.3lbs)Y
DN22.2cm (0.9″)20cm (8″)107cm (42″)500kg (79st)3.8kg (8.4lbs)Y
DN33.2cm (1.3″)31cm (12″)107cm (42″)500kg (79st)7.3kg (16.1lbs)Y
DN44.4cm (1.7″)46cm (18″)127cm (50″)500kg (79st)17kg (37.5lbs)Y
DN55.1cm (2.0″)53cm (21″)152cm (60″)500kg (79st)28kg (61.7lbs)Y
DN6*5.7cm (2.3″)76cm (30″)76cm (30″)500kg (79st)21.5kg (47.4lbs)N
DNFAdhesive for permanent fixing (310ml), including application gun

* NB. DN6 option does not have chamfered/sloping edges

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