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Utilityramp Superwide

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Easy-to-use, portable multi-purpose ramp – 90cm Superwide option

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A robust industrial quality portable ramp

Designed and manufactured for commercial use, the Utilityramp has proved itself in many situations and has an incredible weight capacity. Longer sizes are fitted with wheels for ultimate speed and ease of use.

Your benefits

  • Great for wheelchair access or industrial use
  • Rugged, yet easy-to-use and portable
  • Unique Gripdeck™ highly anti-slip surface retains grip even when wet
  • Up to 400kg weight capacity
  • Standard 76cm wide or Superwide 90cm wide versions available


URW9*90cm (3ft)90cm (35ins)400kg (63st)10.5kg (23lbs)
URW12*120cm (4ft)90cm (35ins)400kg (63st)14.5kg (32lbs)
URW15150cm (5ft)90cm (35ins)400kg (63st)18.5kg (41lbs)
URW18180cm (6ft)90cm (35ins)400kg (63st)22kg (49lbs)
URW21210cm (7ft)90cm (35ins)350kg (55st)26kg (57lbs)
URW24240cm (8ft)90cm (35ins)300kg (47st)30kg (66lbs)
* No wheels


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