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Bridge over almost any threshold

Highly presentable and very practical, these bridge threshold ramps are perfect for overcoming awkward thresholds – internal or external. Choose from 4 useful sizes.

Your benefits:

  • Bridge right over a doorway threshold
  • Unmatched level of finish to prevent stains and corrosion, and provide years of use
  • Unique comfortable carrying with special safety/comfort eyelets on the finger holes
  • Rubber strips to prevent slipping and protect floors
  • Excellent grip surface
  • Extremely lightweight and very quick to deploy


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Key Product Information

Code Height Length Width Capacity* Weight
DB4 4cm (1.6ins) 50cm (20ins) 70cm (28ins) 300kg (47st) 3kg (6.6lbs)
DB6 6cm (2.4ins) 58cm (23ins) 70cm (28ins) 300kg (47st) 3.5kg (7.7lbs)
DB8 8cm (3.1ins) 75cm (29ins) 70cm (28ins) 300kg (47st) 5.4kg (11.9lbs)
DB10 10cm (3.9ins) 100cm (39ins) 70cm (28ins) 300kg (47st) 7.6kg (16.8lbs)
*Capacity assumes ramp rests on threshold
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