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The complete up-and-over ramp solution for uPVC thresholds

The NEW Aerolight-Up&Over kit combines the versatile Aerolight-Xtra with the innovative Doorline-Multi (DM5), providing everything needed for access up to and over the threshold.

Your benefits:

  • Excellent portable ramp solution for ramping over uPVC door thresholds
  • Versatile, quick and easy to deploy
  • Solves most threshold types and heights
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Seamless transition right over the threshold
  • Saves £’s by buying as a kit


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Key Product Information

Code Includes External Ramp Length Max height at 1:8 Max recommended Internal Threshold Height Capacity
UO12 1 x DM5, 1 x AX12 120cm (4′) 15cm (6″) 10cm (4″) 300kg (47st)
UO15 1 x DM5, 1 x AX15 150cm (5′) 19cm (7.5″) 10cm (4″) 300kg (47st)
UO18 1 x DM5, 1 x AX18 180cm (6′) 23cm (9″) 10cm (4″) 300kg (47st)
UO21 1 x DM5, 1 x AX21 210cm (7′) 26cm (10″) 10cm (4″) 300kg (47st)
UO24 1 x DM5, 1 x AX24 240cm (8′) 30cm (11.8″) 10cm (4″) 250kg (39st)

*Ramp width excludes handles

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