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Permaramp-Original Superwide – Garden Green Quickrails

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Permaramp Superwide ramp with Garden Green Quickrails – 90cm option: perfect for single outward opening doors

£872.00£1,669.00 EX VAT - (VAT Relief is applied at Checkout)

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These installed, semi-permanent relocatable ramps provide unmatched value and weight capacity.

Your benefits

  • Unique Gripdeck™ surface for sustained outside use
  • Excellent for wooden door thresholds
  • Contrasting colour safety edge strips increase visibility
  • Fixing options at top and bottom for secure location
  • Permaramp-Adjust Superwide self-supporting version available to take the weight off fragile uPVC thresholds


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So easy to choose, fit and use

The all-new Garden Green permaramp®-quickrails™ are your answer for an instant, fixed ramp solution.

This totally unique range is designed to be extremely universal and easy to fit.

  • Pre-assembled handrails
    • One side, both sides (or no sides!)
    • Interchangable left or right
    • Retro-fittable
    • 4 colour options
  • 90cm (36ins) Superwide option
  • Factory-fitted handrail sockets
  • Super-fast and convenient assembly with no tools (optional kit)
  • 5 lengths
    • 120cm (4ft)
    • 150cm (5ft)
    • 180cm (6ft)
    • 210cm (7ft)
    • 240cm (8ft)
CodeLengthWidthCapacity kg (st)Weight kg (lbs)
POW12R1-G120cm (4ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)17.5 (39)
POW12R2-G120cm (4ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)17.5 (39)
POW15R1-G150cm (5ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)21.5 (47)
POW15R2-G150cm (5ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)21.5 (47)
POW18R1-G180cm (6ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)25.5 (56)
POW18R2-G180cm (6ft)90cm (35.4ins)400 (63)25.5 (56)
POW21R1-G210cm (7ft)90cm (35.4ins)350 (55)29.5 (65)
POW21R2-G210cm (7ft)90cm (35.4ins)350 (55)29.5 (65)
POW24R1-G240cm (8ft)90cm (35.4ins)300 (47)33.5 (73)
POW24R2-G240cm (8ft)90cm (35.4ins)300 (47)33.5 (73)



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