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Metro Folding Suitcase Ramp

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Great value, simple, folding suitcase wheelchair ramps

£107.00£279.00 EX VAT - (VAT Relief is applied at Checkout)

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Great value, simple, folding suitcase wheelchair ramps for a low cost access solution.

Your benefits

  • Budget aluminium full-width access solution
  • Choose from 7 size options
  • Folds in half for easy carrying
  • Foldaway handle
  • Safety kerbs on sides
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 12 month warranty
kg (st)
kg (lbs)
MFR0660cm (2ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)300 (47)4.6 (10.1)
MFR0990cm (3ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)300 (47)6.9 (15.2)
MFR12120cm (4ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)300 (47)9.9 (21.8)
MFR15150cm (5ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)300 (47)11.5 (25.4)
MFR18180cm (6ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)300 (47)13.3 (29.3)
MFR21210cm (7ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)275 (43)20.7 (45.6)
MFR24240cm (8ft)71cm (27.9ins)36.5cm (14.4ins)250 (39)24.9 (54.9)

1 review for Metro Folding Suitcase Ramp

  1. Charles P

    Cheap and cheerful, does the job but I have been trialling an aero light recently and it’s much grippier when its raining and the wheelchair tyres are wet

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