Heavy-duty modular ramp system great for public access and corporate applications

Extremely strong and adaptable, in three widths and up to 1.5m high.

The Swift Ramp System has been carefully designed from modular and adjustable components that are manufactured and stocked ready for quick despatch and installation. This durable system is easy to select, specify and install and gives endless configurations of modular ramps with a superb end result.

Your benefits:

  • Long-life zinc coating prevents rusting
  • Available in three standard system width options
  • Very rugged, high capacity construction
  • Extremely adaptable, with many options available
  • Order in kits for simple, effective purchasing

Complete System Kits

These modular ramp kits include all the components required for the regular width configurations shown and are designed to resolve the most common applications.

Swift Ramp System Kit A– ramp only (Regular System Width)

Often used to provide access to an existing platform or step.
Kit includes lead-in ramp, ramp module(s), 13cm aluminium doorplate, height adjustable legs, handrails (if specified)  and all assembly fixings.


Key Product Information

Ramp Length* With Handrail Without Handrail
170cm (5ft 7ins) SRKA17-9S SRKA17-9
224cm (7ft 4ins) SRKA22-9S SRKA22-9
265cm (8ft 8ins) SRKA27-9S SRKA27-9
306cm (10ft) SRKA31-9S SRKA31-9
360cm (11ft 10ins) SRKA36-9S SRKA36-9
415cm (13ft 7ins) SRKA42-9S SRKA42-9
456cm (15ft) SRKA46-9S SRKA46-9
496cm (16ft 3ins) SRKA50-9S SRKA50-9
551cm (18ft 1ins) SRKA55-9S SRKA55-9
605cm (19ft 10ins) SRKA61-9S SRKA61-9

Swift Ramp System Kit B – ramp and platform (Regular System Width)

A very popular installation layout, complying with the requirements for a resting platform at the top of a ramp.  The 110cm square platform can be used in both straight through and turning configurations.
Kit includes 110 x 110cm platform, lead-in ramp, ramp module(s), 13cm aluminium doorplate, height adjustable legs,  handrails (if specified) and all assembly fixings.

Key Product Information

Ramp Length* Length
With Handrail Without Handrail
170cm (5ft 7ins) 280cm (9ft 2ins) SRKB17-9S SRKB17-9
224cm (7ft 4ins) 334cm (10ft 11ins) SRKB22-9S SRKB22-9
265cm (8ft 8ins) 375cm (12ft 4ins) SRKB27-9S SRKB27-9
306cm (10ft) 416cm (13ft 8ins) SRKB31-9S SRKB31-9
360cm (11ft 10ins) 470cm(15ft 5ins) SRKB36-9S SRKB36-9
415cm (13ft 7ins) 525cm (17ft 2ins) SRKB42-9S SRKB42-9
456cm (15ft) 576cm (18ft 6ins) SRKB46-9S SRKB46-9
496cm (16ft 3ins) 606cm (19ft 11ins) SRKB50-9S SRKB50-9
551cm (18ft 1ins) 661cm (21ft 8ins) SRKB55-9S SRKB55-9
605cm (19ft 10ins) 715cm (23ft 5ins) SRKB61-9S SRKB61-9