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Superwide 90cm option: perfect for single outward opening doors

These semi-permanent, installed-type, relocatable ramps, provide unmatched value and weight capacity.

Your benefits:

  • Unique Gripdeck™ surface for sustained outside use
  • Excellent for wooden door thresholds
  • Contrasting colour safety edge strips increase visibility
  • Fixing options at top and bottom for secure location
  • Permaramp-Adjust Superwide self-supporting version available to take the weight off fragile uPVC thresholds


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Key Product Information

Code Length Width Capacity kg (st) Weight kg (lbs)
POW9 90cm (3ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 400 (63) 10 (22)
POW12 120cm (4ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 400 (63) 14 (31)
POW15 150cm (5ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 400 (63) 18 (39)
POW18 180cm (6ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 400 (63) 22 (48)
POW21 210cm (7ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 350 (55) 26 (58)
POW24 240cm (8ft) 90cm (35.4ins) 300 (47) 30 (65)
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