Policy Statement

Enable Access is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome all applications regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, disability, age, religion or belief.  Applications from ethnic minorities are particularly welcome as they are currently underrepresented in our workforce.

Recruitment is carried out through professional recruitment agencies and other government sponsored agencies, who are fully briefed regarding Enable Access’ employment policy.

As part of its equality policy, the company is committed to promoting a good and harmonious working environment where every worker is treated with respect and dignity. No one should feel threatened, intimidated or degraded on grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethic or national origin, sex, married status, age, disability, physical characteristics, health, religion or belief.

The policy also covers harassment that falls outside the above criteria and that can be classed as bullying.

Harassment at work is unacceptable behaviour and will not be permitted or condoned.

All workers have a right to work in an environment that:

  • Is free from abuse or insults
  • Is safe
  • Promotes dignity at work
  • Encourages individuals to treat each other with respect
  • Values politeness
  • Is open and fair, and
  • Encourages individuals to support each other

All workers have a responsibility to:

  • Support anyone who says they have been bullied or harassed, and to be sensitive to their feelings and perceptions of the situation
  • Encourage them to seek help; and
  • Refrain from taking part in, encouraging or condoning gossip about cases of alleged or actual harassment or bullying

Complaints of harassment or discrimination will be dealt with through the complaints procedure. Disciplinary action, including dismissal, may be taken against any worker found responsible for harassment or discrimination.

All workers must comply with this policy.