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Simple threshold solution

This classic wedge ramp is still a great solution to internal and external steps and thresholds

Your benefits:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent grip surface
  • Anodised aluminium finish prevents stains and corrosion
  • Wide range of sizes available


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Key Product Information

kg (st)
kg (lbs)
DW44cm (1.6ins)25cm (10ins)72cm (28ins)300 (47)2.6 (6)
DW66cm (2.4ins)40cm (16ins)72cm (28ins)300 (47)3.1 (7)
DW88cm (3.1ins)50cm (20ins)72cm (28ins)300 (47)4 (9)
DW1010cm (3.9ins)60cm (24ins)72cm (28ins)300 (47)5 (11)