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So easy – simply place and use!

The NEW Aerolight-Classic is available in shorter lengths where the convenience of a folding product may not be needed.

Your benefits:

  • Great portable solution for thresholds, kerbs and steps
  • Well suited for public access
  • Extremely stable; perfect for walking users


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Key Product Information

CodeLengthRamp Width*Lip WidthCapacityWeight
AC660cm (2′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)400kg (63st)4.2kgs (9lbs)
AC990cm (3′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)5.4kg (12lbs)
AC12120cm (4′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)6.8kg (15lbs)
AC15150cm (5′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)8.2kg (18lbs)

* Ramp width excludes handles

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